5 Bathing Items You MUST Take For A Vacation

Going on vacation requires a-lot of preparation. When you have a baby the preparations are doubled! Babies have a-lot of bathing products but you don’t have to bring EVERYTHING for a vacation! Here are 5 bathing items you MUST take.

Baby Bathtub

If you’re not sure how your baby is going to react to a foreign bath tub or bathing in the hotel sink, we recommend to take your own familiar baby bathtub. It might take some extra room but it can save you a screaming baby!

baby tub


 Baby Bath Seat

If you REALLY don’t have room for your baby bathtub in your car, taking the baby bath seat is the next best thing. It’s still a familiar item for your baby and it takes much less space.

baby bath seat


Baby Shampoo

A vacation isn’t the place to try new things on your baby. Just like the two items above, when it comes to shampoo we also recommend to stick to the familiar. If you want to save romm just transfer some of the shampoo to a smaller bottle.



Baby Body Wash

Baby body washes are extremely delicate. Although your own body wash seems delicate as well, trust us that it’s not as delicate as your baby body wash. A vacation isn’t the place you want your baby to get an unwanted skin reaction.

baby body wash


Baby Sunscreen

The same thing that we said about baby body wash is valid here as well. Adults sunscreen have ingredients that aren’t good for your baby. That’s why you must take sunscreen the suits a baby under the age of 2. We recommend to use sunscreen with every exposure to sun light.

baby sunscreen


You’re all set, have a great vacation!