Geeky Baby Clothes

You are a geeky couple and just had a baby? First of all, congratulations! Now It’s time to get some baby clothes, and what’s better than geeky baby clothes? Here are some cute geeky clothes for your new, soon to be geeky, baby.

Periodic BA-B-Y

Falling in love and then making babies is all about chemistry. If you love chemistry you’d love this periodic BABY bodysuit. BA- is for Barium, B- is for Boron, and Y-is for yttrium. Together these elements creates the word BABY (only the word, not the baby itself :)). You can get this Periodic BABY bodysuit at ThinkGeek for 12.99$.

geeky baby clothes

Size Matters Not

If you’re a star-wars fan, baby clothes are another great way to show the world what is the greatest movie ever created. Star-wars baby clothes are also a great way to present your baby with the star-wars characters (It’s never too early to do it).  This Size Matters Not bodysuit features R2D2, Jawa, Yoda and an Ewok. Get it at ThinkGeek for 19.99$.

geeky baby clothes 2

I’m The Princess

Here’s another Star-Wars treat, and this time for the girls: Princess Leia super cute bodysuit. This item is for strong and dominant baby girls… don’t let the pink color trick you, Princess Leia is a symbol of a strong smart woman. If you go all the way and call your baby Leia that’s a serious bonus! Get this item at ThinkGeek for 19.99$.

geeky baby clothes 3

 My Dad’s a Geek

If you read this post, you’re probably a proud geek. If you’re baby could talk he would say it himself, but in the meanwhile he can wear this ” My Dad’s a Geek” bodysuit. Get it at Sprout San-Francisco for 25$.

geeky baby clothes 4


Make your baby an Apple user before he/she can walk. Apple users parents would love this one because it’s almost like you own another Apple product :). Get it at Amazon for 17.50$.

geeky baby clothes 5

SuperHero building blocks

The Superhero Building Blocks Baby bodysuit is an adorable item, features the familiar images of Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern and the Dark Knight himself, Batman. So basically, you’re getting some of the core members of the Justice League. Dress your child for justice and show them why comic books rock. Get it at for 19.99$.

geeky baby clothes 5

 I’m Acute Baby

This one’s my favorite. Dress your baby like a math genius at an early age. Get this “I’m Acute Baby” body suit at Etsy for 18.60$.

geeky baby clothes 6

Version 1.0

This “Version 1.0” bodysuit is a great geeky way to show off your first born to the world. In the future you can always get a Version 2.0 bodysuit for a sibling. Get it at Babymoos for £9.70.

geeky baby clothes 7

Toadstool bodysuit

Any fan of the original Nintendo game Mario Bros. will appreciate the nostalgia of toadstool. This beautiful custom made Toadstool bodysuit is available at Etsy.

geeky baby clothes 8